Manock Consulting

from black and white to full colour solutions

Who we are

An elite consultancy of crack commandos dedicated to bringing new solutions to your business needs

Ever felt like you are talking a different language to your technology team or worse don't have a technology team to talk to at all!

This is where we come in! Here at Manock Consulting, the team are focussed on bridging the gap between business and technology in order to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation and together we deliver solutions that bring real value

We recognise that business and technical teams rarely speak the same language and it is key to the success of any change you want to bring into your business that you have a translator who can help you visualise a business need and communicate this to technology teams so that ideas are brought to life

What we do

We offer a full set of consulting services to deliver real value to your business by using in house services and our wider partner network

- Enterprise and Business Architecture
- Project Management & Consultancy
- Business Analysis
- Agile coaching
- Test Management and Analysis
- Infrastructure & Techonolgy Management
- Development services

We focus on bringing innovative and creative thinking to everything we do whilst never losing sight of the benefits we are helping our customers realise

- what solutions are out there to help you achieve your strategy?
- can you make business efficiency changes to improve your bottom line?
- what's your current 3 to 5 year plan?
- what objectives have you set to achieve the plan?
- what tools do you have that are helping or hindering your business development?
- do you have any resource constraints?